Church Workday
The trustees are planning a church workday on Saturday, September 10th from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. The workday is an inside workday focusing on the washing of all windows and doors in the Office, Crichton Hall and the Sanctuary, as well as finishing off the painting in the Parsonage. Your help will allow the church to put our best foot forward to visitors.

Will You Share Your Vision with Your Church?
In the midst of all our maintenance issues and disruption, we are trying to come up for a vision for the future of our church. Is it expanding our services to the poor and hungry in our community through an expanded RESTORE? Is it seeking more families with children through our scouting and children’s programs? Are we serving couples and singles 50 years old and above as a destination worship center? As we reach our 170th year of existence what is the long-term future of RUMC?

On Tuesday, August 16th, in the church library, we plan to come together for a brainstorming session to explore what our Church can offer to our community. Please make every effort to attend this session as your thoughts and opinions matter.

UMM Meeting on August 1st
The RUMC United Methodist Men will be meeting in Crichton Hall on Monday, August 1st after taking two months off for the summer. 

The United Methodist Women are still on vacation and will hold their first meeting on the first Monday in September. However, the UMW will be sponsoring their third after-church luncheon to be held at Cabo’s Cantina Grill, 5942 Providence Road on Sunday, August 7th.

Upcoming Care Committee Events
On Sunday, August 14th, the Care Committee is sponsoring a Pizza and Salad event immediately after the service. Since this will be the first Sunday in which services will be held in the Fellowship Hall, this is an opportunity for you to get fed spiritually and physically from the same location.

On Labor Day Sunday, September 4th, the Committee will be sponsoring Patriotic Dessert Day. On that Sunday, bring in your dessert to share after the service.

The Care Committee is also working on re-forming Care Teams. The leader of each Care Team would call or contact everyone on his or her team (a small group, a Sunday school class, etc.) once a month to see if there are any health, personal or financial issues that team members want to share with the church. This is a way for us to keep in touch with all our members on a continuing basis. If you are interested in being a Care Team leader for your group, contact Connie Mosley at 766-7104.

Free Food Distribution at Resurrection Catholic Church
There will be a free food distribution at Resurrection Catholic Church on Saturday, July 30th from 10 AM to 1 PM. Food will be distributed to 500 families on a first come, first served basis. Documentation is not needed, and distribution is not limited to veterans. The program is being sponsored by State Representative Ross Spano, Farm Share, the LIBRE Initiative and Resurrection Catholic Church.

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Sunday Services
Faith Groups (Sunday School) for all ages at 9:00 AM
Worship Service at 10:00 AM
Hispanic Service at 12:00 Noon

Rev. Merritt Waters, Pastor

Here at Riverview First United Methodist Church, it is our mission to win people to Christ, to train believers to become disciples, and to send disciples to impact our community and the world for Jesus Christ.
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Giving online is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Or you can enter one-time contributions from the internet or by smart phone.

To get started, simply follow these easy steps:

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Calendar of Upcoming Events

Saturday, July 30
Free Food Distribution.  Resurrection Catholic Church, 10 AM-1 PM.

Monday, August 1
United Methodist Men.  Crichton Fellowship Hall, 7:00 PM.

Sunday, August 7
Combined “Back-to-School” Service.  Sanctuary, 10:00 AM
UMW After-Service Luncheon.  Cabo’s Cantina Grill, 5942 Providence Road, 11:30 AM.

Tuesday, August 9
Finance Committee.  Library, 7:00 PM.

Sunday, August 14
Church Service in the Hall.  Crichton Fellowship Hall, 10:00 AM
Pizza and Salad Fellowship.  Crichton Hall, 11:15 AM

Tuesday, August 16
“Vision of the Church”.  Library, 6:00 PM.

Sunday, September 4
Worship Service.  10:30 AM, Fellowship Hall (Note this time change).
Patriotic Dessert Day. Fellowship Hall, 11:45 AM.

Friday, September 9
“War Room” Movie Night.  Crichton Fellowship Hall, 7:00 PM.

Saturday, September 10
Church Work Day.  Church Office, Fellowship Hall, Parsonage.

Wednesday, September 14
“War Room” Bible Study (Hispanic).  Crichton Fellowship Hall, 7:00 PM. (First of Five Weeks.)

Thursday, September 15
Financial Peace University Begins. Library, 6:45 PM (First of Eight Weeks.)
The Bible Passage of the Week
We Are Only Clay Pots

God said that light should shine out of the darkness. He is the same one who shone in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus Christ.  But we have this treasure in clay pots so that the awesome power belongs to God and doesn’t come from us.  We are experiencing all kinds of trouble, but we aren’t crushed. We are confused, but we aren’t depressed. We are harassed, but we aren’t abandoned. We are knocked down, but we aren’t knocked out. 

2 Corinthians 4:6-9 CEB
Changes Coming to Worship at RUMC

The next time you are in the sanctuary, look up! You will notice that there are a number of ceiling tiles being held in place only by duct tape. Tiles have been coming loose and sometimes falling throughout the past year. For the past few months, our trustees have been working with the District’s building committee and Superintendent Dr. Monroe to find a remedy to this situation.

Recently, an insurance adjuster was sent out to inspect the damage. He found not only loose tiles, but moisture between the roof and ceiling, and several broken and curled roof shingles. While we are awaiting his final report, we have been led to believe that we will need to make extensive repairs to our roof, insulation, and electrical wiring as well as the complete replacement of our ceiling tiles in the coming months.

In the meantime, everyone is worried about the safety of visitors and members attending services in our sanctuary. Consequently, the church council has voted to close down the sanctuary until repairs can be made. Beginning Sunday, August 14th, all services will be held in Crichton Hall until further notice. 

 On Sunday, August 7th, we will hold a combined “back-to-school” service in the sanctuary. Following that event, the sanctuary will be closed and sound equipment will be moved to the fellowship hall. On the following Sunday, our service will be held in the hall, where services will continue to be held until the trustees determine that it is safe to return to the sanctuary.

Many church members have requested a change in worship times to accommodate longer Sunday school classes and to allow choir members time to prepare between Sunday school and church. So starting in September, we will be making a simple adjustment to our worship service time. Beginning September 4 (Labor Day weekend), note the following time changes for Sunday morning:

  • Faith Groups/Sunday School, 9:00-9:55 AM
  • Relationships and Refreshments, 10:00-10:25 AM
  • Worship Service, 10:30 AM
  • Hispanic Worship Service, 12:00 Noon
Prayer of John Wesley

I am no longer my own but thine. Put me to what thou wilt, rank me with whom thou wilt. Put me to doing, put me to suffering. Let me be employed by thee or laid aside for thee, exalted for thee, or brought low for thee. Let me be full, or let me be empty. Let me have all things, let me have nothing.

I freely and heartily yield all things to thy pleasure and disposal. And now, O glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Sprit, thou art mine and I am thine. So be it. And the covenant which I have made on earth, let it be ratified in heaven.  AMEN.