(Rev, Louis Telcy, 8/7)  I remember in the good old days, which is now defined as any time before March 2020, the most important thing you could do after a death was show up. you hugged and maybe held on for a few extra moments that spoke volume of care. (remember long hugs?). Sometimes, when there was a big crowd and you didn't get a chance to hug or speak, eye contact alone made the commitment tangible, word were unnecessary. With Covid-19, we almost forget about these such great ways of showing sympathy to one another. However,Sending a card has always been a way of showing up- and it has the added benefit of maintaining a safe distance. My cousin Just passed in West palm Beach Florida, that was what I did. I sent a card to the family. it is not easy, but God is in control and we will prevail by the grace of our Lord Jesus.
(Karen Stowe, 8/5)  First, thank you Connie for the pie!  Delicious and didn't last a minute. So good to see your smiling face.  Second, I pray every day for our pastor and congregation--hope you all do too. (Russ, if you talk to your mom you can tell her I wave every time I drive by).  Third, I'll be back - just not quite yet - love you all.
(Russ Harris, 7/27)   Muriel Harris is at St Joseph South. Mom is being treated for internal bleeding. No visits are allowed due to Covid19 restrictions.  Please keep her in your prayers.
(Rev. Louis Telcy, 7/23)  The emerging situation with the Covid-19 Coronavirus and many news reports around us are creating anxiety and worry for the future and our well-being.  In times like these, it is especially important to remember God's promise to be with us.  He who made us, gave his own Son for the salvation of the world and will not leave his children in this time of need.  Christ is with us as he invites our prayers (Psalm 23).  Prayer is not a last resort, but a loving promise from our Lord that He will hear us.  Please pray for those suffering from the Coronavirus, those who lost the loving one.  When we pray for each other, we demonstrate to God that we care and have compassion toward each other.  God bless you all!
(Beth Potter, 7/20) Greetings. We find ourselves at a profound time in history—American AND Christian. Now is a time where our efforts as Church and individually can end Racism. Your Gulf Central District is calling on our faithful laity to come together and form a plan for our collective action. Please consider joining Friday’s call AND invite those members of your church family to join. We are actively recruiting people wanting to make a difference….and willing to plan and organize impactful anti-racism actions and efforts.
Gulf Central District Anti-Racism Organizational Meeting
Friday, Jul 24, 2020 NOON
Email Beth @ Beth.Potter@flumc.org for ZOOM and phone in information.
(Rev. Louis Telcy, 7/20)  There should now be three ways to view Sunday services.  You can come to the service personally, following the rules for social distancing and wearing a mask.  You can watch the 10:30 AM service streaming live on YouTube.  Or, you can watch the service on a delay anytime during the following week (check your email for availability).
(Rev. Louis Telcy, 7/14)  Good evening brothers and sisters! I want you to know that my family and I are continuing to be thankful for being here at this lovely Church. You continue to demonstrate your unconditional love to us, even during this uncertain time in life. My family and I want to let you know that we deeply love you.

Concerning our worship service, we are trying to make it live on Sunday morning for those of you who cannot attend. We will do our best to communicate with you when the service will be live.  Stay safe and strong during this uncertain time. I am praying for you, I know you are doing likewise, praying for our family. May God continue to be with you!
(Margaret Sparks, 7/6)  Thank you for posting a news letter for us for it helps me still feel connected to my church family. The girls (Jasia and Carla) and I miss you all so much.  I hate that the children are missing out of the Sunday growing in God's word together, even though I continue to try to teach them to pray, love and respect each other and others but most of all to remember that God is their Creator and Heavenly Father and what and why Jesus did for us all but it's not the same as being with our church family in the Lord's house. May God be with us all.

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