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During the Corona Virus Pandemic, one part of our church community is missing.  We are all missing the opportunity to let everyone know how we are doing, and to see what is happening to everyone else.  We all need to have that connection now.

We have, therefore, added a community Bulletin Board to the website.  This is your chance to post a "doing fine" or "pray for us" message.  Or, maybe you need to add a post like "Can someone explain how to use a grocery delivery service?"  or "Does someone have a spare computer for my grandkid to use for school?"  Feel free to post whatever is on you minds.

You can either fill out the form to the right, or email me directly at mplett@ix.netcom.com, and we will add your posts onto the website nightly.

Mike Plett, Webmaster
(Danette Garcia, 5/24)  There are so many people helping and serving others at this time, but I just want to give a shout out to a couple of them who made a difference to me. Trey Lightsey (Alicia's son), was so kind to color a picture and send it to me saying that RUMC loves me! What a simple, but very kind way to show God's love. Also, Bev Plett stopped by one day, to give me a face mask that she had made. What a loving gesture during this difficult time. What little ways can you show God's love to others? I hope that we are all reaching out to show each other His love. 
(David Burt, 5/13)  Check out this link to an AARP article about Peoples RMD and applying charitable giving deductions from income tax.  Since the household deductible has been raised, most folks don't get extra deductions for sales tax, medical expenses, property taxes or even donations.  This article explains a way that people can give from their tax deferred retirement accounts without paying taxes on the money and then trying to deduct it.  I am not sure it would apply to any of our members, but if so it would be a good thing for them to know.
(Rev. Louis Telcy, 5/13)  Good morning, my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus!  This morning, I was thinking about your love and the way in which you continue embracing me and my family.  I want to express my gratitude to you all.  I also want to express my gratitude to the leaders, especially in the Church who make it possible for me to convey the message of Our Lord Jesus Christ with technology.  With your support, we continue to feed hundreds on Tuesday and Thursday praise be to God! we want to thank all of you for your supports I thank God always for this wonderful opportunity to serve this lovely congregation.  May God continue pouring out His blessings upon you!
(Karen Stowe, 5/7)  Hello my faithful choir friends--I need your prayers. My son Scott's fiancée's mom, Phyllis, has stage 4 lung cancer.  Her dad passed away some time ago and her sister is in a nursing home (she has cerebral palsy and now COVID-19 too).

I am making a prayer shawl for Phyllis (purple with a pineapple pattern) and I would appreciate it if you would each say a prayer that it might comfort her.  You are all in my prayers and I hope I am in yours!
(Rev. Louis Telcy, 5/6)  "My God, My God, Why have you forsaken Me."

Jesus knows what it's like to feel abandoned by God. we all may feel abandoned at this time. The cry, " My God , My God, why have you forsaken me? Yes it a cry of abandonment. In that moment, as Jesus prayed these words, Jesus Christ the son of God and the savior of the World, felt abandoned or forsaken by God. The world may have that feeling in this very pandemic. God, His Father, had abandoned him. He knew what it was like to feel hopeless and despair.

we may feel that way, abandoned. but we must learn how to call upon God like Jesus did. The Bible says Jesus cried. Yes, He cried for help, He cried for comfort, in fact, He cried for support. in the midst of this pandemic we need to cry also to God. God is our only hope
(Richard Sestak, 5/4) Here are the encouraging words that I got from today's Max Lucado's devotion.
“Out of the lion’s den for Daniel, the whale’s belly for Jonah, and prison for Paul. Through the Red Sea onto dry ground. Through the wilderness, through the valley of the shadow of death. Through! It’s a favorite word of God’s! Isaiah 43:2 says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you…when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned.”
“God does not guarantee the absence of struggle? Not in this life.”  
(Connie Mosley / Alicia Lightsey, 4/25)  It is with great sadness I share the passing of John Zastrudil. The Zastudil's are very long time snowbirds from Ohio. John has been wearing oxygen for years.  They sit back left when they come (so you can visualize them).  I took a pie today that Fran had baked as part of our "pie on the porch " ministry. I left it with a person I thought might be a caregiver.  A bit later Marion called to tell me that John passed on April 9th.  Because of the stay at home order, she didn't call anyone.  The family flew down the next day and her daughter stayed.  They are not sure when the two of them will go back.  They will have a memorial in Ohio.

John's obituary can be read at this link.  It looks like John lived a full and rewarding life.  We all are so blessed to spend a few months each year in worship with this family.
(Shell Lubecky, 4/22)  Thank you all so much for the contributions to this wonderful Community Page--especially Pastor, Connie, Mindy, et al. Glad I found it. Thank you John for that much-needed virtual hug!) We felt it. 

I'm looking forward to resuming Bible study with you all next Weds. and since I'm blessed to be working from home can help with Restore on Thursdays, accounting, etc.. Thanks and God bless you all. Your online messages are helping to keeping our little family going. 

Ty is going to watch kid's church tonight, with our friend's church River of Life (also in Riverview) but he misses guitar with Pastor Rick, Kid's Church with the ladies and hanging out with his precious lil' buds Brunette & Talitha. Please tell them he says HI GUYS!! ;) He just turned the big 9 years old on Apr. 7th. Please keep all of these wonderful kids in your prayers--it's so foreign to them not being able to go to school but God is providing eLearning education & guidance through the teachers. Pray for stressed out, financially/emotionally bankrupted parents... That they seek a deeper connection to God through all of this and do not take their stresses out on their subordinates or kiddos, will remember to take time to play in the yard with them, teach them what they know and use this time to learn & grow together. We shall overcome with the Lord's help, as Pastor said. God bless and keep you safe, one & All. Love, Shell, Marc & Ty Guy
(Fran Carillo, 4/22)  Trent Carrillo is at home in Lake City and doing well. He wants to thank everyone for all of their loving prayers. He appreciates it very much.
(Connie Mosley, 4/20)  Good morning everyone, I pray you are staying Safe At Home.  Are you getting the online worship services?  Have you checked out the website riverviewflumc.org?  Are you making a couple calls everyday to family and friends?  Are you writing notes to others?

We have a new activity in mind for you.  It was suggested we all meet in the church parking lot on 
Thursday the 23rd at 3:15 and form a parade of vehicles with signs etc and do a drive by parade for Pastor Louis and his family.  Claudie is off that day.  It sounds like so much fun.  It will get us out of the house, safely, and encourage our Pastor.  We will ask the family to bring chairs out in the front and then surprise them.  We hope to see you there
(Jim Allen, 4/19)  We are over at Ft Desoto, we had reservations for some time. We pretty much have the camp to ourselves, so few campers are here.
(Tania Morales, 4/19)  I wanted to share this article by Ken Braddy, Jr.  At this link, he discusses how and when churches should be open for worship again.
(Kim Floyd, Choir, 4/19)  Just wanted to check in with everyone. I hope and pray that you are all safe and healthy. If there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I miss you all and can hardly wait to get back to regular rehearsals.  Love you all.  (Gayle Gordon) Adding my prayers that everyone is staying safe and healthy. Miss our choir family and making “Joyful Noise” together. Hope we will be back together soon! ❤🤗🎵 Sending love and virtual hugs!  (Karen Stowe) Thank you! I miss you all too!
(Pastor Louis Telcy, 4/15)  Good evening my Brothers and sisters in Christ, May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to be with you. I pray that you will continue to listen to the voice of God in the midst of this crisis. In our time, God primarily speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayers, circumstances, and the Church. These four means are difficult to separate. God uses prayer and the Bible together.  Often circumstances and the Church, or other believers, will help confirm what God is saying to you. Frequently, God uses circumstances and the Church to help you know his timing. The Church is not the building, the Church is us. Within this circumstance, I believe God is speaking to us all. we need to listen to God.  I encourage all of you to stay close to God in prayer, reading the scriptures and meditating. Your servant, Louis Telcy
(Connie Mosley, 4/15--Lay Leader)  Pastor is resuming his bible study this evening on zoom.  Please let me know if you want an invite by email.  You may attend online or on the phone.  I just need to know if you want an invite. The session will be 6:30 to 7:30.

Would you rather have a morning session?  Let me know. Pastor usually has several bible studies during the week so he is open to doing the virtual studies if there is an interest.  Perhaps you can tell best time for you and we can go from there.

We have started our "Pie on the Porch" ministry where we deliver a pie to your porch and ring the bell, keeping our safe distance. We have delivered 6 pies, starting with folks who don't get our emails. If you want to be part of this ministry or if you have an idea to help us stay connected, please let me know. Every time I hear an idea, I wonder why we haven't thought of that before.

Is anyone making face masks? This is a wonderful ministry. We want to keep track of any folks who are helping in the community. I know Bev Plett has been supplying masks to Restore workers.  I have a portable machine if anyone wants to borrow.  There is a facebook group "Sewn with love" that is doing this is you want to check it out.

As always, we must pray for each other, reach out to each other during this time. Please just make a couple phone calls each day to say hi and check on people.  Pastor sent an email and text yesterday. If you didn't receive anything, let me know so we can get you on the list.

Your church leaders are meeting virtually to keep our church going and welcome any 
input from you. God bless you all. Stay safe, Connie