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RESTORE Food Pantry is open from 10 AM until Noon every Tuesday and Thursday.  Do not come onto the property before 10:00 AM.  The RESTORE Food Pantry is an Equal Opportunity provider for all eligible recipients regardless of race, age, or gender.

On Tuesdays, recipients can also enjoy hot meals in our Fellowship Hall--courtesy of Metropolitan Ministries.

On Thursday, recipients can also receive fresh produce and/or frozen food courtesy of Feeding Tampa Bay.

Valentine’s Day at the Florida UM Children’s Home
Do you remember the excitement at school and at home around Valentine’s Day? It usually included lots of candy and sharing funny, sweet, or loving Valentine’s Day cards. Do you recall how special it made you feel to receive those cards and perhaps some chocolate? For many children, these are some of the ways they measure their self-worth and love.

Because of the trauma our children have been through, they lack fond memories of the love that usually surrounds Valentine’s day. In fact, we find that the children here at the Children’s Home have a skewed perception of love and self-worth. In many cases, their hearts have been broken. This sad reality goes beyond candy and cards.

Before coming to the Children’s Home, many of our children didn’t know what it was like to have their own bed or food on the table, let alone loving and supportive parents who would encourage emotional and academic success on a daily basis. The care and therapy provided through your generous support gives the children hope, and the knowledge that they are safe and loved.

Cyrus came to us four years ago after being removed from his biological home as the result of abuse. His family has since cut all ties with him. He faced feelings of low self-worth. At first, Cyrus was very quiet and withdrawn, and he could not make friends easily. Through the support of his therapist and house parents, he has become more outgoing. More importantly, his self-worth has increased greatly as he has come to realize that it was not his fault and that he could be loved. Now, Cyrus is in the process of being adopted.

Will you help children like Cyrus with their daily needs and therapeutic care?

You can share love with all the children here at the Children’s Home by participating in our Fifth Sunday giving program here at RUMC. On Sunday, January 29th, give to our noisy offering or use the special giving envelopes for the Children’s Home that are available at both entrances to the sanctuary. Thank you in advance for your continued support of Florida United Methodist Children’s Home.

Elisabeth Gadd, Chief Development Officer
Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
Enterprise, Florida